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National Award 1979
"La Vittoria"
Milan – 23 September 1979

Installation Proposals (Pointer)

The Piasentina Stone can be laid using sand and mortar (traditional way) or applying specific adhesives for the laying.
Being a natural product, the Piasentina stone may have crystal white veins and brown red shades, that are its own characteristics, and a varying grain size, so differences of colour and/or grain can’t be considerer defect of the material.
Before to install the material, it’s advisable to check that it exactly corresponds to the order taking some tiles from different pallets and handling  with care to avoid to damage it.
Avoid to mark possible defects with indelible products.
After the laying, promptly clean the stone to not allow to the adhesives and sealants used to dry on the surface. Not remove excesses and residues of mortar and sealant by abrasive brushes or metal tools.
Any complaints or disputes shall be reported by registered letter before the installation of the material and in any case within the terms required by the law, otherwise rights will be forfeited.