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National Award 1979
"La Vittoria"
Milan – 23 September 1979

Practical Advice And Care

Being a natural product, the Piasentina stone may have crystal white veins and brown red shades, that are its own characteristics, and a varying grain size, so differences of colour and/or grain can’t be considerer defect of the material.
The value of the resistance to slipping of the stone surface applies to “new slabs”.
It will be exclusive duty of the customer to verify that the product preserves (maintain) the slip-proof condition in the years.
If it’s necessary, it could re-establish the initial value of the resistance to slipping having recourse to  mechanical or other types of processes, on the basis of the experts’ verifications. (examinations).
We inform you that the polished and honed finishes aren’t suitable for external uses (outdoor) because they are slippery. Moreover, if these finishes are applied outdoor, it’s not possible to guarantee a long - lasting brightness, especially if they are exposed to sunlight, weathering  and pollution effects.
Depending on the application, on the finish chosen and the place where the material will be laid, it’s advisable consider to apply specific protective treatments (anti-stain, oil and water – proof , etc.), These treatments must  be made on experts instruction only.
This stone doesn’t need particular care to be cleaned. It’s sufficient washing it with water and alcohol.
 It’s always advisable remove liquids and substances that can stain the material as soon as possible.
Never use solvents on the stone.
For any particular needs contact our firm directly or experts.