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National Award 1979
"La Vittoria"
Milan – 23 September 1979

Ceppo Carnico

The “CEPPO CARNICO” is a natural agglomerate belonging at classic sedimentary rocks with calcareous array cementation.
It’s quarried in the area of Cavazzo Carnico (Udine), in the north zone of Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Thanks to the good technical properties,  resistance to the freeze and  limited alterability by the effects of weathering, the Ceppo Carnico can be applied in the building trade and for street furniture.

The main surface finishes are: crude sawn surface, smoothed, sand-blasted and bush hammered.
The Ceppo Carnico is suitable for interior and exterior flooring and coverings, windowsills, threshold, door and window frames, steps, portals and columns.



Stress load due to sole compression

530 kgf/cm²

Stress load due to sole compression following gelivity

551 kgf / cm²

Imbibition coefficient (in weight)

23,65 ‰

Stress load due to indirect traction following bending

64 kgf/cm²

Shock resistance (minimum fall height)

cm 35

Thermal linear dilatation coefficient

0,0066 mºC /mm

Close friction wear: relative coefficient of abrasion


Volume weight

2560 kg/m³